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Have you ever had the feeling that someone was staring at you?

Or walked into a shop and suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotions and not understand why?

Have you ever had a strong feeling of a strange presence around you?

Have you ever met someone that you felt you’ve known all your life but it was your first contact with them?

Do you always go by your gut feeling about a person or a situation? What about mother’s intuition?

These are just a few examples of using our metaphysical abilities that we have all been born with.  The metaphysical encompasses anything which science, at its current stage of development, can’t explain.  However, most of us are aware that these abilities have been studied, practiced and used in small governmental organizations.    

There is nothing ‘supernatural’ or unnatural about the metaphysical. We choose not to use the word ‘psychic’ because for us it implies that only certain people are gifted with these abilities.  What we have learned from our own experiences and by working with others are that we all have these abilities and we are not ‘gifted’ with them.  They are part of who we are as Spirits in physical bodies.

Why are these abilities important in our lives?

Who am I?  Why am I here?  Is there a god?  Why do I feel lost and unfulfilled?  Is there more to life than this?  Why is there so much suffering and abuse?  What’s on the other side?  What happens when our loved ones pass away?  Did I really see a ghost?  Do ETs exist?  Do I have past lives?

Those are just a few examples that many have asked for centuries.  How would you like to find out for yourself using your abilities?  By finding the answers for yourself, you’ll have your own truth and you’ll also find that people who are using their abilities see the same thing as you do.  Therefore, this gives you further confidence in what you’re seeing, feeling and understanding. 

“Understanding is the absorption of Knowledge. It is Wisdom.”    (Jay “Arae” Essex)

John “Arae” Essex

Much of the information you will find here is based on the works of John Arae Essex, as well as our own personal experiences. He is known as “J’Arae” or “the old man in overalls!” Many of us like to refer to him simply as “Jay.”

On this website we have combined our understandings and practical experiences with Jay’s work to provide you with simple information and exercises to awaken metaphysically.

Here is a video of Jay Essex talking about what metaphysical is:

There is a wealth of information here. Please look around, take what you need, and if you have any questions; don’t hesitate to contact us. Browse the website and enjoy!

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