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“Understanding is the absorption of Knowledge. It is Wisdom.”    (Jay “Arae” Essex)

Welcome to MetaphysicalAwakening.com!

Most of us lead pretty hectic lives.

This stress is caused by a number of things, which make us feel worn-out, irritated and out of our natural, harmonious state of balance and well-being.

These stress factors, apart from impacting our bodily health, suppress our innate, natural metaphysical abilities.

We all have metaphysical abilities, but most of us are not attuned to them.

How do we define ‘metaphysical’?

One of the simplest definitions is that the metaphysical encompasses anything which science, at its current stage of development, can’t explain. We all experience things that science has no explanation for. A mother’s intuition is a good example: a mother knows when her child is in danger, even if the child is thousands of miles away. We can tell when people are staring at the back of our neck. How do we know these things? They are very real phenomena.

There is nothing ‘supernatural’ or unnatural about the metaphysical. Ít’s part of our everyday experience. You could substitute the word ‘metaphysical’ with the word ‘psychic’, but we at MetaphysicalAwakening.com don’t like to talk about ‘psychic’. The word has been misused for a very long time and comes with many negative associations and preconceptions.

We all have abilities which we are unaware of. We are distanced from our natural metaphysical abilities, partly by the factors which keep us in a constant state of stress and imbalance. Many of us are expending huge amounts of energy just to exist. We work long hours. We use recreational or pharmaceutical drugs to relax, which gives us some temporary respite, but in the long term contributes more and more to our energetic imbalance.

The aim of this website is to offer simple, practical techniques and means to relax into ourselves and become more attuned to our natural abilities. There is an emphasis on two things: meditation and stones.


oahu hawaiiMeditation is another word which is encumbered with many preconceptions. It means simply relaxing, calming the mind, and finding the truth within ourselves (which is the only place you will ever find the truth.) It’s actually a very, very simple concept; But difficult to achieve. Because most of us are fighting an entire lifetime’s habit of ‘holding on’. Rather than holding on to problems, and thereby validating them, we would be better served by releasing, letting go, allowing things and people to be the way they are. It doesn’t equate to inaction – we still take action if necessary, but the goal is to release the emotional charge attached to events, so we can act from a position of clarity and calmness. The aim of meditation is to get beyond the conscious mind and relax into pure beingness. If you can reside in pure beingness, resistence falls away, and things begin to make sense.


Stones/crystals/minerals contain strong metaphysical energy. They are like vitamins for the spirit. They can help us in many ways. We can benefit from the vibrational frequencies of different stones – they can help us to relax, give us strength and fortitude to take action, and assist in seeing metaphysically when we need to.

John “Arae” Essex

Much of the information you will find here is based on the work of John Arae Essex, as well as our own personal experiences. He is known as “J’Arae” or “the old man in overalls!” Many of us like to refer to him simply as “Jay.”

On this website we have combined our understandings and practical experiences with Jay’s work to provide you with simple information and exercises to awaken metaphysically.

Here is a video of Jay Essex talking to metaphysical practitioners Hitomi Nakasone, Aya Pena and Frank Zhu, dated September 8, 2018:

There is a wealth of information here. Please look around, take what you need, and if you have any questions; don’t hesitate to contact us. Browse the website and enjoy!

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