Communicating with your Spirit Guides


When you are locked up living in a physical body, you do have assistance from the other side. The most common form of help we all receive are Spirit Guides! Here we will be talking about Spirit Guides, who they are, what they do, where they are, and how to connect to them to help you navigate through life! I will offer personal experiences I’ve had with my Guides as well!

Spirit Guides come in many different forms. Many people falsely believe that Spirit Guides are only human Spirit but, in truth, Spirit Guides encompass Human Soul, Human Essence, Animal Essence, Fae Soul, Fae Essence, etc. Like us, Spirit Guides have male and female gender. Moreover, Spirit Guides are formerly you when you are Spirit, not living in a physical body. You, as Spirit, may choose to assist someone going through a physical lifetime by becoming their Spirit guide for that life. Every person has at least one or more Spirit Guides with them.

There is also a belief that Spirit Guides are only around for the major decisions in your life. When you are truly able to communicate with your Guides, you will find this statement to be partially true. Spirit Guides who are very active will literally tell you what you should be eating to maintain a healthy diet, and which route to drive when you hop in your car to go somewhere! All Spirit Guides live out of body, on the other side. They are currently not having a physical life. Hence the name “Spirit” Guide. When you hear ringing in your ears, that is your Spirit Guides working on your brain, making appropriate changes to benefit you.

In spite of our Spirit Guides’ best efforts to assist us, no one is perfect, even out of body. In the past, Spirit Guides have been forced to lie to you, giving you false messages, or directing you in a path to be detrimental to your well-being. Some Spirit Guides did this out of their own will. This has all been put to an end. There are no controls being placed on your Spirit Guides any more. Consequences will be put in place for Spirit Guides who are not helping.

How to communicate with your Spirit Guides

You must be in a relaxed/meditative and calm state to communicate with your Spirit Guides. As we’ve said before, one of the key elements of unlocking your innate metaphysical abilities is to relax!

1, Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lay down.

2, If you choose to sit, keep the spine fairly upright

3, Rest your hands however you feel comfortable, close your eyes.

4, Take steady deep breaths and feel your worries drift away after every exhale. Feel and see your energy emanate out from your body as you continue to relax. Let go of your conscious mind and relax.

5, When you feel that you are very relaxed; say/think in your head, “Where are my Spirit Guides?….will my Spirit Guides come forward to me?” Wait and see what happens. If you feel or see something, go towards it. If nothing happens, continue to relax and just be in that state of calm.

Once you first initiate the intent to speak with them, they will hear your call. However, do not expect an answer right away! You will not always get an immediate answer. It may take a few days or weeks before your Spirit Guides will communicate with you. When they do communicate, you will know. They have names like you and I. Most often, Spirit Guides will provide you with a name which pertains to your native language.

You must be relaxed and calm when you first reach out to communicate with your Guides. The more you communicate with your Guides, the more natural it becomes! When you are asking to speak to your Spirit Guides for the first time, I would also recommend asking for your Animal Guides. Animal Essence has the most compassion and fortitude of any other field of Spirit. They have had the most amount of physical lives and have been abused the most; more than Humans, Fae, Plant, Planetary or anything else. Despite all their abuse, they still give unconditional love and compassion. Your Spirit Guides have a lot to say to you! Relax and reach out to them!

Have fun!