How to Feel Stone Energy

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Stones can be powerful tools that will greatly assist you in your journey of awakening. Stones, minerals, and crystals all have energy within them that comes from Mother Earth (Gaia), with the exception of a few stones that have come to earth in the form of meteorites from planets that have been destroyed in the past.

Each is different and affects different parts of you physically and energetically. They can be thought of as vitamins for your energy body. We can benefit from the vibrational frequencies of different stones – they can help us to relax, give us strength and fortitude to take action, and assist in seeing metaphysically when we need to. Here are examples of how to feel the energy within stones and crystals in the fastest and strongest way.

Step 1. Find a stone or crystal that you wish to feel the energy from and hold it between the tips of your fingers.

Step 2. Sit or stand comfortably while holding the stone with your fingertips, take a deep breath and relax. Open up and allow the energy from the stone to flow into your body.

Where do you feel the energy? Do you feel a focused pressure in a certain area? Do you feel really lightweight and fuzzy? Or even dizzy? Do you feel vibration in any part of your body? Some people stone feel the energy stronger, while others feel the energy more subtle. The experience will be different for everyone. If you hold your stone/crystal like the example above and do not feel anything, just remember you must RELAX! Relax and allow the stone energy to flow into your body.

Below is a small list of stones and crystals, along with their metaphysical properties to assist in the understanding of how certain stones affect certain parts of the body!

Click here for an alphabetical list of stones



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