Source Energy Field

Many scientists today speak of an energy field that is everywhere. People such as Gregg Braden have called it “a single field of energy that connects everything in our world.” This energy field has many other names that were given by various people.

Despite all the noise, one thing is consistent; these people all believe that there is indeed an energy field, possibly intelligent, which flows through everything. In the simplest and most accurate description, this energy field is called the Source Energy Field. We will go into depth on what the Source Energy Field is, where it comes from, and how you can use it to help you metaphysically!

The Source Energy Field flows around and through everything, including all dimensions and universes; furthermore, it’s intelligent as well. People are aware of this energy field, but have always wondered about its origin. The Source Energy Field is part of the strongest and dominant male source spirit energy in creation; this is where the Source Energy Field originates and emanates from. Its job is to flow through everything and assist you.

There are countless ways that the Source Energy Field can assist you metaphysically. To use the source field, you must let loose, relax, and build the intention to do something; relaxing and calming down is paramount. When you build up your energy and make the intention to astral project or remote view, the Source Energy Field is right there behind you, giving you a push. Similar to how a fish swims through the currents in the ocean, or a surfer catching a huge wave; the Source Energy Field does the same for you metaphysically. After all, it’s here to help you!

What people call the “Akashic Records” is literally the information within the field that is constantly flowing through you. When you wish to gain knowledge from the “Akashic Records,” simply relax, float inside your brain, and have the intention that you need to receive knowledge, or understand something. The intelligent source field will pick up your intention and provide you with the appropriate information.

The Source Field is there to help and assist you in any way possible. Use it wisely!

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