Silhouette, Blur, Red, Focus, Sun, Space

So this is a very exciting part of waking up.  Knowing that someone was around us our whole lives is very comforting and now being able to communicate with them using our metaphysical abilities is even more awesome.

Our Guides come in different Spirit forms.  There are individuals from different fields of Spirit that guide people in physical bodies.  I often see Guides who are Animal Essence, Faeman Soul, Human Souls, and so on.  They appear as females or males and some are more active than others when giving guidance.  When you return home to the other side and rest, you’ve also made agreements with fellow Spirits to be their Guide while they are in a physical body.  Perhaps you were their primary Guide or their Secondary Guide along with Animal Essence working alongside.  Well, the situation is in reverse when you’re in a physical body, now you have your friends guiding you.

With the way it has been, it’s been very difficult to live a nice and easy life.  It’s important to start communicating with your Guides in order to maneuver through life.  Creation is changing in such a way that it’s time for us to really awaken and in by doing so we need some assistance.  Our Guides are there to help us.

I’d be happy to give you some experiences I’ve had with my Guides to give you an idea of how they impact my life.

  • Normally my Guides find it best to give me a message right when I’m waking up. I usually stay in bed a little longer before I get up and start my day.  I remember one morning, my female Animal Guide who appeared as a Giraffe wanted me to know she’s female so she came down towards me with big red lips.  I was dying laughing that morning.
  • I also remember being warned one morning that someone was going to be very very angry and will start an argument. It happened two days later and when it happened I knew right away this was the warning I received.
  • A few minutes before an online consultation, my male Spirit Guide started tapping his wrist as if he was wearing a watch to tell me it’s almost time.
  • While working out at the gym, I closed my eyes and saw my male Spirit Guide flexing his muscles. I was containing my laughter the moment I saw that.
  • I’ve been told to stay away from certain individuals for my safety which I did find out why soon after.
  • Spirit Guides are always there when we give Metability classes and consultations. Many times, I’ve seen them go to the individuals I’m talking to.  I’ve also talked to other people’s Spirit Guides to see what I can do to help or what they want me to tell them.

Most importantly, I feel how much they care about me and it’s very powerful.  I encourage you all to connect with your Guides and see how your life changes little by little.

First and foremost you must be relaxed and calm when you first reach out to connect with your Guides. The more you communicate with your Guides, the more natural it becomes! Please don’t have high expectations on your first, second or third try.  Each of us are strong in different areas so perhaps if you’re heart oriented, you feel someone around you and you can pick up on what they’re feeling.  Those that are pineal oriented could perhaps see some movement of energy or a fuzzy silhouette of someone or some form.  It’s different for everyone and it’s important that we keep practicing.

So here are steps you can follow to connect with your Spirit Guides and in time you’ll learn to communicate with them more and more.

1, Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit.

2, Close your eyes and take full steady breaths, 4 seconds in and 4 seconds out.  Feel your thoughts drifting away little by little.  Continue doing so until you feel your mind and body in a relaxed state.  Do it as long as you need to.

3, When you feel that you are very relaxed; say/think in your head, “Where are my Spirit Guides?….will my Spirit Guides come forward to me?” Wait and observe.  Again, don’t have any expectations.  Just observe. They will do their best to make themselves shown.

(Just so you know, I’ve seen many Guides come straight up in an individual’s face so you may see an eye or mouth. It’s quite funny, but it does happen.)

Enjoy your time connecting with them and soon you’ll have many stories to tell about your experiences with your Guides.