The consultations are given in order to provide Spiritual Advice. They’re offered by 2-3 metaphysical practitioners during the consult to give you as much information as possible to help you in your awakening and also provide you with free energy work with a special introductory offer:

45 min. consult €200 + Free Energy Work

We also offer:

60 min. consult €300 + Crank up by Hitomi Nakasone

We also offer a one to one consult provided by Frank Zhu. By clicking on this link, you can schedule a one on one consult:

The consults are in the opinion of Frank Zhu, Hitomi NakasoneAya Pena and Gavin Tedder. Please understand that if any questions are related to the future, know that it is always changing. The consults will be recorded for the benefit of everyone and we’ll be happy to send you a copy in MP4 format.

Please provide advanced notice and we’ll be happy to reschedule the consult.

There are NO REFUNDS.

Don’t have Skype?

We can also take your questions by email.

Please send no more than three questions.

3 questions €60

To schedule your Skype consult or send your questions by email, please use this address:

(For more information about Crank Ups, click here: Crank Ups)

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