As metaphysical practitioners, we offer the service of giving consultations which are solely focused on you.   We’re happy to provide you with as much information as we can in order to help you grow, make a decision, look at a situation from a different perspective, have a deeper understanding of someone/a situation, try something new, etc..

We also provide you with free energy work along with the consultation!  We want it to be a fun and uplifting experience for you and that you leave feeling satisfied with an abundance of information we provide.

If you would like to share your consult with a friend or family member, feel free to do so. What we charge for the hour or 30 minutes is still the same.

*The consults are in the opinion of Hitomi Nakasone and Aya Monique. Please understand that if any questions are related to the future, know that it is always changing and that also goes for relationship advice.  The consults will be recorded for the benefit of everyone and we’ll be happy to send you a copy in MP4 format.

Please provide advanced notice for any cancellations and we’ll be happy to reschedule the consult. There are NO REFUNDS.

To schedule your Skype/ZOOM consultation, you can send us an email at


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