How to Connect with Your Spirit and Animal Guides

Life is hard. We’re confronted with challenging decisions all the time. We try to decide what’s best for us and our family. At the same time, we’re trying desperately to find out who we truly are and what the purpose of life is. What if we don’t have to do all it alone? What if we could get some assistance from a friend or better yet from many good friends?

Spirit Guides and Animal Guides are Spirits out of the physical body. They are on the other side which is home to all of us when we’re not in body. We have been Spirit Guides for others in physical bodies while we were on the other side. Many times during our Metability classes and consultations, we’ve seen Guides right next to the individual. They stay close and we often feel the attachment they have toward the individual. They truly care and want to help.

We’ve had Guides around us all our lives. Now more than ever, they’re with us to help us wake up. It’s nice when you’re sitting and relaxing to see your Guides, who are you friends, have a message prepared for you. Perhaps it’s as simple as telling you you need to drink more water, which has happened to me, or advising you that today is going to be a rough day so be prepared. Or perhaps you get an image of a friend who has been ill feeling better, which you end up seeing for yourself later that day.

I remember waking up one morning to an image of my Guide carrying an umbrella in the rain. I looked out the window and saw that it was going to rain. I’ve also woken up to one of my Animal Guides as a Giraffe coming towards me and she leaned in to show me her lips with red lipstick on. She wanted me to know she’s female. I had a really nice laugh. It really is like talking to a friend.

Before we start talking to them, we need to learn how to use our abilities to connect with them. The more we practice connecting with them, the better we get at communicating with them. In this short video, I give steps on how you can start connecting with your Spirit Guides and Animal Guides. Enjoy the moment of connecting with them and leave any expectations behind.