How to Feel Stone Energy

So what could be a way to help others to wake up and use their metaphysical abilities? One of the top things on my list, such as relaxing, is becoming aware of stone energy. Stones can greatly assist us on our path to awakening the metaphysical. How many of us at one time have picked up a stone that we were drawn to? Perhaps some of you kept a small collection of them at one point or still do. There is something very interesting and unique about each stone that catches our attention.

I wanted to see what others were talking about when they discussed the metaphysical properties that each stone has. Each time I picked up a stone, I realized that I was feeling something. I came to realize I was feeling something metaphysical. It was exciting because I knew that this was part of my awakening journey.

Waking up is so hard to do and many times it’s frustrating. We’re accustomed to working with physical objects and judge our skills based on our work that others can see and feel physically. This is why stones helped me a lot. They’re something physical that I can hold on to, and when I feel any kind of sensation throughout my body, I trust what I feel. When it feels like my heart skips a beat, or when I get a heavy sensation in my head, or a current running up and down my spine, these are just a few examples of sensations I may feel from a stone. When others say that they have a similar or slightly different sensation, that also helps me build my confidence in what I’m feeling from the stone.

One thing to keep in mind is that every stone is not exactly the same. They are made up of different elements, minerals and more. However, we relate to them naturally because they are from the planet Earth, as are our physical bodies.

We can find stones anywhere in different shapes, sizes, and colors. If anyone asks which stone they should get, I recommend them to get whichever one they’re attracted to. Many times, without really knowing why, we pick out the right stones. Eventually, you’ll find out the reason for yourselves.

I’ve been using stones for many different reasons such as calming down, helping my energy flow smoothly, focusing, using my metaphysical abilities, softening my heart energy when I feel tense or stressed and much more.

In the video, I explain how I take the time to feel into each stone. So let’s take the time to allow the energy from the stone to flow within us.