How to See Auras

One of the exciting things you’ll discover from using your metaphysical abilities is seeing colors. Perhaps there were times when you sat down staring into space, not necessarily focusing on whatever or whoever you were looking at and you noticed a color that seem to surround the person or object. Have you ever wondered why?

When we began using our abilities, we couldn’t ignore the colors we were seeing from people, stones, animals, plants and other sentient beings. What do these colors tell us about the person? You’ll be amazed what you can learn about the person as Spirit from seeing their colors.

The colors are auric expressions of different frequencies we are made up of. Not only do we see the colors the frequencies give off, but we also have the ability to feel what is behind them. For example, does the color give us the feeling of happiness or hope or perhaps strength?

Another thing to think about is that not all sentient beings are in body. When they come to visit you, you’ll see their colors which are their auric expressions. If they come often, you’ll become familiar with them by the colors that you see and the feeling behind their frequencies. Our frequencies are like our name tags on the other side. This is how we recognize each other as Spirits.

So let’s take the time to practice seeing auric expressions of different frequencies in this short practical video. We’ll be working on it with our eyes open.