In these articles, we will be talking about the energy centers of the body and how they function metaphysically. There will not be any hands-on exercises; however, the information provided here will be an invaluable asset to awakening metaphysically.

We would like to note that the purpose of these articles is to assist you in awakening with simple knowledge and exercises.

Life is much simpler when you understand the truth. There is so much clutter and noise in the spiritual world; different understandings, different beliefs, and different methods that conflict with each other. This was all done by design to keep you frustrated.

Energy Centers and your Core Energy (aka Chakras or Kundalini)

We’ve all probably heard of the term “Chakras”, but for those who have not, it is a Sanskrit word derived from the Hinduism and Buddhism beliefs of the seven energy centers that are located along the spine and in the head. There is also a core energy that runs from the base of your spine up to the top of your head, referred to as the “kundalini.” It is depicted as two snakes that move in and out of itself. Recently, these two terms are experiencing tremendous popularity in the Western world due to the “new age” movement. We will not be using the words “chakras” or “kundalini.”  Instead, we will be calling them energy centers and your core energy. These descriptions are the simplest and most accurate methods of describing the different energies in your body without over-sensationalizing it.

The Seven Major Energy Centers

There are seven major energy centers that are located along the spine going up to the head and each has a unique frequency and color associated with it; furthermore, there are thousands of energy centers that are found throughout your body. The thousands of energy centers come in big and small sizes. For example, the energy centers on your fingertips and palms can be used to project energy towards something, or to take in energy like a vacuum. When you go to feel stone energy by holding the stone within your fingertips, your fingertips suck the energy up like a vacuum, thus allowing you to feel the energy within the stone.

This is a general explanation of the different energy centers (Chakras), your core energy (Kundalini), and the spirit core orientation of each individual. Do not think that one particular spirit core orientation is better than another. Everyone is different. Although everyone’s spirit core orientation is strongest in one energy center, the truth is, most all people are also quite strong in the others as well. A person’s core orientation could be heart, but their pineal might be very strong too.

We are all equal. We are all different, but nobody is better or worse than anybody else. We are all moving forward in the spirit of honor, equality and compassion.

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