All of us are comprised of several energy fields throughout our body; however, we’ll be discussing the principle energy fields we focus on when we’re using our metaphysical abilities:

  • Pineal
  • Heart
  • Solar plexus and Scanner

Looking at someone with our pineal, we see what looks like a strong flow of energy from the upper crown to the base energy field. It’s a continuous flow that flows within itself.   A great stone to have for activating your core energy is Selenite. When you hold on to a stick Selenite with your fingertips, you’ll feel your energy vibrating even harder and it helps moves your energy throughout your body. Moving along the core, we see the Scanner, Pineal, Heart, and Solar Plexus.

All of the fields work in everyone and have different power levels. We have more strength in one particular energy field than the others.  Is one better than the other?  No.  They’re just different. Imagine three people in a room, one being pineal oriented, the other being heart oriented and the third being solar plexus oriented.  Imagine how much information they could collect working altogether.  This is why I often recommend practicing your abilities with others.

From the information we share, perhaps you can find out where you’re oriented.

Pineal Energy Field

Heart Energy Field

Solar Plexus and Scanner


Here is a link to Jay Arae Essex’s video on How the Brain Functions Metaphysically where he shares a wealth of information on what takes place metaphysically in the brain:

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