We are happy to have you here. I know many of you may be thinking, what are we awakening here? The metaphysical? What is that?

Well it’s actually quite simple to explain, but it takes time and patience to hone in on.

Everyone has metaphysical abilities which have always been a part of each and every one of us. These natural abilities help us on our personal growth by gaining insight into who we are and the world around us.

What does it mean to ‘go beyond the physical’? The Metaphysical.

Every day we use our natural senses that are geared towards the physical senses such as touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. But what of those senses such as gut intuition, seeing things that are beyond the physical that appear as shadows, flashes of light or movement of energy of some kind? What of those senses that pick up sounds that seem inaudible to most people? Or those moments when you suggest something to a friend and they reply by saying, “I was just thinking about that.” What of those senses? What should we call them?

Well we are going with metaphysical senses because they appear to be beyond the 5 physical senses we’re accustomed to. What we share is based on our own experiences as to what helped us grow metaphysically in regards to the knowledge we’ve gained from it. Below are tools in which you can use yourself at home or anywhere to help you hone in on your own skills.

We find that our heart is the most powerful and useful tool that we all have. Trust yourself when doing so and don’t worry about making mistakes. We’re all going to make mistakes and they are part of the learning process. They too help us grow.

So stay tuned for more information as we grow our Metaphysical Awakening channel on Youtube and Odysee. You’ll find information there that may fill in the gaps or help your frame of mind think in ways you’ve never thought before.

We thank you for stopping by!


One of the key elements of unlocking your innate metaphysical abilities is to relax! By relaxing, we are calmer and in a more focused state of mind. Only then can we begin to tap into our amazing metaphysical abilities that we were all born with, by flowing within ourselves.  (Read More Here…)

Stone Energy

For centuries, stones have been used for many things including building homes, making fire, grinding wheels, and the list goes on. Quartz is used in watches and clocks to regulate the movement. Quartz crystals are also used in technologies such as mobile phones, sonar, ultrasounds and…   (Read More Here...)

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Feeling Stone Energy

Are you ready to find out for yourself that stones do contain energy?  Here are steps on how to feel the energy within stones and crystals in the fastest and strongest way.   (Read More Here…)

For more information, you’re welcomed to visit our Metaphysical Awakening Youtube channel or Odysee channel and follow along as I make more discoveries.