A Guide to Relaxing

One of the key elements of unlocking your innate metaphysical abilities is to relax! By relaxing, we are calmer and in a more focused state of mind. Only then can we begin to tap into our amazing metaphysical abilities that we were all born with, by flowing within ourselves.  (Read More Here…)

Energy Centers of the Body

In these articles, we will be talking about the energy centers of the body and how they function metaphysically. There will not be any hands-on exercises; however, the information provided here will be an invaluable asset to awakening metaphysically.  (Read More Here…)

Stone Energy

Here is a basic list of stones that can help you in your metaphysical awakening. The list is not exhaustive – there are many different types of stone and crystal. But there is plenty of information here to get you started! Stones contain energy, and act like vitamins for the spirit.  (Read More Here…)

Feeling Stone Energy

Stones can be powerful tools that will greatly assist you in your journey of awakening. Stones, minerals, and crystals all have energy within them that comes from Mother Earth (Gaia), with the exception of a few stones that have come to earth in the form of meteorites from planets that have been destroyed in the past.  (Read More Here…)

Source Energy Field

Many scientists today speak of an energy field that is everywhere. People such as Gregg Braden have called it “a single field of energy that connects everything in our world.” This energy field has many other names that were given by various people.  (Read More Here…)

Spirit Guides

When you are locked up living in a physical body, you do have assistance from the other side. The most common form of help we all receive are Spirit Guides! Here we will be talking about Spirit Guides, who they are, what they do, where they are, and how to connect to them to help you navigate through life! I will offer personal experiences I’ve had with my Guides as well!  (Read More Here…)