“It’s funny how blind people say another can’t see. Tell it like it is.” (Jay “Arae” Essex)

MetaphysicalAwakening.com is proud to present the following selection of beautiful hand-crafted energy jewelry, made by Hitomi Aya Nakasone. Each stone in these necklaces has been “cranked up” by metaphysical practitioner Burcu Gozler – this imbues the stones with extra energy, on top of the innate natural energy each stone contains. These jewelry items are all available for purchase here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeautifulMinds34.
For more information on the individual necklaces, click on an image below:

amazonite necklace
Amazonite Necklace
picture jasper necklace
Picture Jasper Necklace
lapis lazuli necklace
Lapis Lazuli Necklace
garnet necklace
Garnet Necklace
citrine necklace
Citrine Necklace
black onyx necklace
Black Onyx Necklace

For more information about the creator of these necklaces, click here: Hitomi Aya Nakasone