Crown, Head, Seeing, Clarity, Heart.

Kunzite is a variety of Spodumene. The color in Kunzite is wide-ranging. Kunzite can form as pink, purple, violet, lilac, green, light green, or colorless. The energy in Kunzite is high-vibrational, and yet, different color variations of Kunzite affect different energy fields in the body. The pink to violet color variations of Kunzite affect the energy fields in the head, thus assisting in metaphysical clarity when trying to see something with your third eye or scanner. Green variations of Kunzite have frequencies of heart energy that assists with healing, while still having high vibration.

On the left are green variations of Kunzite. Green Kunzite is also known as “Hiddenite.” On the right, light pink to violet Kunzite are shown.

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