There are many strong people here in body now. This is the Awakening. This is the Quickening. Everyone who is awake and all who want to, are already receiving soft energetic help in doing so. This help is about to increase rapidly, in size and strength.” (Jay “Arae” Essex)

We’re delighted to announce our Metability Course!

Being ‘Gifted’ may imply that a person received special abilities that allow them to foretell the future, see Spirits, or commune with the dead. Labels like ‘Psychic’ or ‘Medium’ give us the idea that only a few individuals were ‘Gifted’ with the abilities that go along with them. However, we’re discovering that we can all have access to abilities that are beyond the physical. These abilities are Metaphysical. It’s naturally in all of us.

How would you like to learn how to use your metaphysical abilities to:

-read frequencies
-see aura colors
-astral project with the pineal
-remote view with the scanner
-gain knowledge from the field
-read feelings and emotions through heart energy
-understand why things are the way they are
-have a better understanding of the people around you
-see what’s happening on the other side
-feel and see Stone Energy
-connect with Gaia, Animals, Plants, etc
-connect with our friends and family in space

And most importantly, to find out who you truly are.

There’s no greater time to be awake than now. We have been experiencing great changes in Creation and we’re moving towards a new paradigm that is based on compassion, justice, and honor; one that allows us more freedom to be who we really are. We can use our abilities to help those around us.

The metability course will be a 1-month-long course, broken down into 4 classes, 90 minutes per week with a maximum of 4 students in each group.

Week 1: Feeling Stone Energy + Using the Pineal Field
Week 2: Feeling Stone Energy + Using the Heart Energy Field
Week 3: Using the Scanner for remote viewing + using all the energy fields combined
Week 4: Stone energy + Sending Energy

After each class, an exercise will be given to do some practice on your own. They are to be completed before the following class.

Our aim is to give you that extra push you need to start using your abilities and gain the confidence to trust yourself.

There will be no Metability Classes in December 2018, but they will resume in the new year – dates are yet to be announced for January.

Consultations and Crank Ups are still available:


Crank Up

Please try to obtain the following stones for practice during the course:

Week 1: Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, Celestite
Week 2: Green Aventurine, Red Aventurine, Rhodanite
Week 3: Citrine, Yellow Aventurine

Metability Course: €350

Metability Course + 20-Minute One to One Crank Up Session with Hitomi Nakasone:  €450


One-Time Metability Class

Starting in the month of August, we will be offering 90-minute One-Time Classes. These are individual classes focusing on the Pineal, Heart or Solar Plexus/Scanner.

November 4th: Pineal

November 11th: Heart

November 18th: Solar Plexus and Scanner

One-Time Metability Class: €120

One-Time Metability Class + 20-Minute One to One Crank Up Session with Hitomi Nakasone:  €220

E-mail us here to schedule a course:

*Please keep in mind that we’ll be practicing during the complete 90 minutes. Therefore, we’ll not be able to do any consults during the class. If you’re interested in having a consult, please don’t hesitate to make a request on the Consultation tab. We’d be happy to set one up for you.

“I give you the keys to a Ferrari but you have to put it in the ignition…”   (Jay “Arae” Essex)



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