Metability Course is broken down into 2 classes, 2 hours each with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 4 in each group.

1st Day: Feeling Stone Energy + Using the Pineal Field + Using the Scanner for remote viewing
2nd Day: Feeling Stone Energy + Using the Heart Energy Field + Sending Energy

Our aim is to give you that extra push you need in using your abilities and gain the confidence to trust yourself.

Please try to obtain the following stones for practice during the course:

Class 1: Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, Celestite, Citrine, Yellow Aventurine, Optical Calcite
Class 2: Green Aventurine, Red Aventurine, Rhodonite

Metability Course: $250 


E-mail us here to schedule a course:

Feel free to check out our free Metability tutorial to prepare yourself for Metability Course:

Free Metability Tutorial

*Please keep in mind that we’ll be practicing during the complete 90 minutes. Therefore, we’ll not be able to do any consults during class. If you’re interested in having a consult, please don’t hesitate to make a request on the Consultation tab. We’d be happy to set one up for you.

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