Personal Strength, truth, core energy power up.

Snow Leopard Star Essenite consists of Star Essenite mixed with Mica and Feldspar (Moonstone); Mica is more predominant than the Feldspar (Moonstone). Snow Leopard Star Essenite is a variation of Star Essenite which powers up the core energy flow upwards to 1000%. Additionally, Snow Leopard Star Essenite provides extra strength to see from a perspective of truth, assisting you in severance of falsehood and lies. All Star Essenite has Gaia, Gaira, and male universal star energy in it.

“Pink” Snow Leopard Star Essenite has more Feldspar (Moonstone) and less Mica embedded within the mineral. Pink Snow Leopard Star Essenite carries all the same energetic properties of Snow Leopard Star Essenite, but also gives the heart strength to help you deal with emotional turbulence in life, particularly those that cause the heart sorrow.

The piece you see in the photo above is Snow Leopard Star Essenite; however, this piece carries more than usual amounts of Feldspar, softly giving the energetic benefits of Pink Snow Leopard Star Essenite as well.

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