For centuries, stones have been used for many things including building homes, making fire, grinding wheels, and the list goes on.  Quartz is used in watches and clocks to regulate the movement. Quartz crystals are also used in technologies such as mobile phones, sonar, ultrasounds and more. Additionally, stones have long been used in spiritual ceremonies or rituals within many groups down through the centuries.  Science can explain why stones such as quartz are used in some technological devices, however, how do we explain the sensations we feel from stones?

Stones are a powerful tool that really assisted us in our journey.  Working with stones helps us understand that there is something more to them than their physical matter.

When I first started working with stones, I wasn’t sensitive enough to feel the energy coming from them.  However, as I continued working with them as I was in a relaxed state, I felt some sensations, and with some, quite distinguishable sensations from others.  That was enough for me to realize that there is something to this.  So I kept working with them and the more I worked with them, the more sensitive I became to feeling the energy and later, when my pineal became stronger and stronger, I started seeing the auric expression (colors)  the stones were giving off and what each stone was good for and why.  Of course, that came with time.

Each stone has an effect on individuals energetically.  There are stones for relaxing or calming down, for balancing or helping your energy flow, and you can find ones that help you focus. The list goes on.  It’s amazing what a stone just sitting outside your door can do for you.

Since stones are made up of different elements, materials and such, they each give off a different set of frequencies.  Lapis Lazuli, for instance, is made up of materials from the earth that have specific frequencies that benefit your pineal field.  Therefore, there are stones that can work on your heart and solar plexus too which are made up of frequencies for those areas.

Here is a basic list of stones that can help you on your journey.  Of course, there are thousands of different stones/minerals/crystals out there, and each one affects you differently, however, there is plenty of information here to get you started!

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For information about how to feel the energy from stones, click here: Feeling Stone Energy.


*Photos by Frank Zhu and Hitomi Nakasone