Apatite / Apatita


Focused abilities.

Apatites are interesting little stones. They are often mistaken for blue aventurine because of their hue. But they have a different chemical composition.

Now what is interesting about them is the assortment of little crystals that form on the surface. The more crystals you see, the better. Quite beautiful, aren’t they?

Metaphysically, they can help you relax and to a well-trained eye you may find traces of quartz on them. Therefore, the mixture of different frequencies can potentially help you not only relax, but focus calmly, fire up your crown for spiritual input, and when combined with other stones that are focused on certain abilities, it can help assist in sharpening those abilities.

For those who are interested in honing in on your abilities, these are good stones to have as a complement to lapis lazuli for example to sharpen your seeing ability or yellow aventurine to increase your intuition. These are great to have as a back up.

Look for ones that have different assortment of crystals forming on them. Have fun!

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