Azurite / Azurita


What a beauty!  They are certainly eye-catching and one of my favorites.  The blue crystals that grow on the stone are what attract most people.

Throughout history, azurite would be used to create the blue pigments they needed for tile work, paintings and so on centuries ago.  They were heavily used during Egyptian times and were highly regarded because of their beauty.  They were used in jewelry making and creating pottery.

Humidity tends to oxidize them which create the light green color that you see on most of them and when this happen, it becomes malachite.  Amazing, right?

Azurite can be a powerful tool when it comes to seeing metaphysically.  Using the pineal or the third eye with this stone can greatly enhance your seeing ability.  It has a way of targeting your vision at close range.  Images come easily and better focused.  It’s a great tool to have if you’re looking to use your pineal often.

Have fun with it and see what a difference it can make on your seeing ability.

Raw Azurite specimen shown.

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