Black Onyx / Onix Negro


Black onyx is a strong stone to have with you at all times if you want. Some days are rougher than others, therefore, it could be quite helpful holding onto one if you’re experiencing a tough time.

Black onyx has a way of strengthening your energy frequencies to make you tougher energetically. In a sense, it give you a backbone. It doesn’t make you aggressive, but it will assist you in standing up for yourself. It gives you that level of strength needed to keep going and carry out your duty.

Don’t worry, the stone won’t change your behaviour. It’ll just give you that added drive you need to get through tough times.

Hold onto one when you’re going through a devastating heartbreak. The energy from the stone will give you the added strength you need to get through it. Sometimes additional help is needed to get through something similar and it’s always nice to find that something can energetically assist us through it.

Cabochons shown above.

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