Clear Quartz / Cuarzo Cristal

Clarity, Crown

Clear quartz is widely known for their use in phones, watches, security cameras, and in many other technologies.  But what of use are they metaphysically?

Well you’ll be surprised to find that they are great conductors of energy and store information.  They were used in ancient times for many day to day activities including passing on knowledge.  They help in the advancement of technology nowadays and we should give them credit for many of their properties.

Not only are they beautiful to have in your home or to carry them with you but they’re metaphysically equipped to help you when it comes to remembering things.  Remember they store information.  If you carry a quartz crystal around with you throughout the day, it’s storing information as to what you’re doing and what you’re thinking.  You can look back to what you’ve done by holding onto the crystal and calmly relaxing your mind to a state where you can process what’s coming to you from the quartz.

Another great thing about having a quartz crystal is that it’s high vibration.  It can be quite cleansing when you hold onto one.  The high frequency vibration can also help you clarify your thoughts or concentration.  It’s a good one to have when you’re taking an exam.

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