Danburite / Danburita


Compassion and kindness

Look how beautiful they are! Crystal clear as if they’re clear quartz but some have a pinkish hue to it. They’re quite amazing, aren’t they?

Those with strong empathy will love these, but they’ll be loved by those who are more pineal oriented too. What I find is that danburite has a refreshing and kind vibe to it. What I mean by ‘kind’ is that it carries the frequency of kindness and fortunately for us, compassion. What a duo!

Some find that compassion is lacking in this world and in some way it is. Not everyone carries it in their heart, but for those who do, it’s what is needed most for all living beings.

Danburite is great for everyone and has a way of making us feel lighter from what you may call high vibration frequencies, but also refreshed and nurtured. You can’t argue with that now, can you?

Colorless and light pink Danburite shown.

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