Dragon Stone Jasper / Jaspe Dragón

Grounding, Calming

Here’s an interesting piece of a dragon stone jasper.  They’re quite beautiful in raw form and if you wet it, it has a slippery kind of look to it.  When it comes to shopping for stones for metaphysical use, these aren’t usually at the top of the list, but they are good to have with you.

Dragon stone jasper has been used throughout the centuries for building homes in specific parts of the world.  They were used not only for their beauty but to show wealth too.  The more money you had, the more of it you would use to show your status in society.

Nowadays, it’s mainly used for decorative items such as necklaces, potteries, and small statues.  It’s not as popular as the other stones that are mentioned, but they’re nice to have because they have a calming and grounding effect to your energy.

For days when you need a little assistance in grounding yourself, hold onto a nice piece of dragon stone jasper or put on a necklace made with it and breathe deeply.  The energy from the stone will help you ground yourself in such a way that you may feel like you’re standing barefoot on the soil in a beautiful forest somewhere in northern Italy.

This stone has also been known as “Dragon Blood Jasper.”

Raw stone is shown.

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