Fluorite / Fluorita


The movers and shakers

The word “fluorite” comes from a Latin verb “fluere,” which literally means “to flow.”  It sure does a fantastic job of moving and swirling your energy in a continuous way as long as you hold onto one or wear it around your neck.

It creeps into your core energy and starts making its way to your heart and pineal energy field or chakra. It encourages your energy to flow in such a way that it feels like you’re being energized and moving.

Once it flows into your brain, it hits different areas creating a lot of brain activity. Basically, what it’s doing is stimulating different parts of your brain so that it becomes more active in a way. Think of it as poking and prodding in a way when it comes to energy going in and activating different areas. This stimulation creates a situation which encourages active thinking. All that energy flowing in and around you will increase your senses to a point where you will start to see and feel more of what’s going on around you metaphysically.

This stone is great for anyone who would like to get their energy moving. Perhaps they feel that their energy has been stagnant and not doing much of late. This stone will definitely do its job by moving their energy around and perhaps helping them feel inspired or motivated to do something whether that’s at work or in their home. You see, inspiration comes in all forms whether that’s discovering a way to clean up the house in record time or building a treehouse. Whatever that inspiration is connected to such as building, inventing, or redecorating, Fluorite has a way of changing up your mind to see things from a new perspective or angle.

So hold onto one and see what new ideas come to you. Enjoy!

Polished “wands” shown.

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