Green Aventurine / Aventurina Verde

green aventurine

Spiritual and Physical Healing.

The mighty green aventurine assist even the worst pain you experience in your heart energy field or chakra. There are different shades of green available. If you’re looking to heal yourself spiritually or energetically, hold onto a light green almost neon-looking one.  If you’re looking to heal yourself on a more physical level, hold onto a darker green one.

Both are helpful on a spiritual and physical level. However, the lighter one is geared more towards spiritual and the darker one towards physical.

On a spiritual level, when we’re dealing with emotional trauma, it leaves a mark on a spiritual level. Holding onto a piece of light green aventurine can help you progress your state of healing.  It encourages your frequencies to work on itself and amplify specific frequencies that are also related to healing in such a way that you’ll heal faster.

As for the physical level, the darker the green the better. The energy from the stone will encourage your own frequencies to do its part in the healing process. Yes, your energy can take an active role in healing your physical self. You have frequencies within you that take on an active role in healing the physical body.  Holding onto a darker green aventurine will help amplify those frequencies within you and provide you additional frequencies you may not have to encourage healing.

This stone is great for Reiki healers or any of those who work in the related field. A light green aventurine can be quite useful to those who work in therapy.

Raw pieces and polished “wand” shown.

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