Kunzite / Kunzita


Core and the Heart.

A beautiful piece of kunzite goes a long way.  They’re used mainly for jewelry making.  Even a well-known ring from Jackie Kennedy was sold for over $400,000 to the highest bidder in the Sotheby’s auction of her estate.

What is it about the gem that’s attractive?  In its raw form, it’s not the most beautiful we’ve seen out there.  But once it’s cleaned, chiseled and only the highest quality is used, it becomes the most beautiful jewel out there, even more so than a diamond.  It’s amazing how much it can be worth nowadays.

However metaphysically, it has a light calming effect to our physical body.  What I mean by that is that it contains soft energy vibration that has little to no effect on us when we put it on or hold onto it even though it’s priceless on a ring or necklace.  How funny is that?

For those who are sensitive to energy, you may find that it runs up your core, into your heart energy field or chakra and expands but not with force.  It’s more like a soft expansion and gives a calming effect in the process.  For those who’d like to test it out, hold onto a nice piece with your fingertips and feel the energy pass through your arms to your core and see where your heart takes you.  Enjoy.

Green variations of Kunzite have a more healing effect on the heart energy or chakra.  But as the pink kunzite, it also has a light effect on the heart.  There are stones out there that have a much stronger healing effect than these.  Nonetheless, they’re good to have for those who are sensitive to energy and like the sensation that it gives them.  Each of us is different in many ways.  We’re all made up of many different sets of frequencies.  What I may love to hold in my hand may be too strong or unpleasant to another.  Remember to keep that in mind when shopping for a friend.   A stone you may find agreeable, may not be the right stone for a friend.

On the left are green variations of Kunzite. Green Kunzite is also known as “Hiddenite.” On the right, light pink to violet Kunzite are shown.

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