Lapis Lazuli / Lapizlázuli

Deep thinker, dream like state, pineal field or the third eye.

Lapis has got to be everyone’s favorite. How could it not be? They are beautiful raw or polished and can be found everywhere.

The distinct blue hue is what catches people’s imagination. It takes you to a time when you dreamt of a world that was portrayed in Disney films as magical. This distinct color was often used to represent magic or a dream-like state.

When you think of the night sky, you think of stars dotted throughout the midnight blue horizon. It gives you a dreamy kind of feeling. In fact, this color can help calm you and make you fall asleep. Yes, fall asleep.

Think about it. Your pineal energy or chakra is represented by this color blue. It’s enhanced when you hold onto a lapis lazuli which then in turn helps you see metaphysically.

For those who have trouble sleeping due to the lack of melatonin released by the pineal, this stone is the right one for you.

As you lie in bed, hold onto a lapis lazuli and close your eyes. You’ll doze off before you know it.

If you’re having difficulties using your pineal or third eye to see metaphysically, try holding onto a nice piece of lapis and you’ll see that it greatly enhances your seeing ability.  It’ll give you that added push you need to see better and clearer.

The color also represents deep thinking. Often times when we look into the energy of a deep thinker, they give off this color hue. It represents a wealth of knowledge. Holding onto a piece of lapis lazuli can help deepen your understanding whether you’re looking at something metaphysically or researching something academically.

It’s a great stone to have. It seems to me like an all-purpose stone.

The deep midnight blue is considered higher quality Lapis.

Two polished Lapis are shown above the three raw Lapis.

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