Rhodonite / Rodonita

Deepens Self-Resolve and Nurtures.

Beautiful and amazing they are. In this day and age they are essential to our day-to-day living.

Life can get rough and we often get taken for a ride. We have our ups and downs and roundabouts. So what can we do to calm down and receive assistance on our self-resolve?

Rhodonite can help you with that. Not only does reinforce your back bone but it also nurtures the pain you’re carrying in your heart. Times are tough and this stone, whether it’s worn around your neck, your wrist or you’re holding onto a piece, you’ll receive the benefits you need right away.

The black part of the stone is onyx. The more onyx it has, the stronger your self-resolve is. The pink carries the frequencies of compassion and nurture. The more pink it has, the better you’ll feel in the heart energy field or chakra. The frequencies of compassion, nurture and kindness is in the heart. The frequency of strength lies in your core which is where onyx does much of its work.

Get one today and put it in your pocket. See how you feel the rest of the day.

Partially cut and polished slab and cabochons shown.

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