Hello, my name is Aya. I’m a yogi and an ascended master in all Vedic practices. I’ve spent 20 years in a monastery to master my abilities which allow me to see up to the 10th dimension. I live in a state of nirvana.

Just kidding! I’m an English Teacher in Madrid, Spain, doing my best to make a living so that I can pay for the roof over my head and the bills that come in every month. Fortunately in Madrid, we could live a little by meeting up with friends for coffee or wine and enjoying free cultural events throughout the city. I do my best to ‘relax’ in the morning before I take the little pups, Titan and Calypso, out for a walk in the park and to ‘relax’ in between classes and before I go conk out at night.

By ‘relax’, I mean to put myself in a relaxed state so that I can practice my metaphysical abilities. This is an ongoing process for me and I’ve been working on it for about 5 years. But I have realized that I don’t need to be an ascended master to see what they might see. All of us were born with the tools to see beyond what we physically see or feel, you included.