Hi, my name is Hitomi Aya Nakasone.  I was born and raised in Okinawa Japan by my beautiful parents with lots of love and good examples. I loved going to the beach and went there every Sunday with my family. I remember how much I loved my Mom’s Omusubi and Yasai Itame, especially Goyaa Champuruu.

I’ve always been fond of the energy emitted by Stone and Water for as long as I can remember.

I moved to the United States about 25 years ago, taking care of 4 children and myself. I absolutely love my role as a Mother and find happiness in simple things in life these days. Currently, I’m raising Saisha who is 11 years old.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all. -Hitomi Aya Nakasone



“I want to talk first…about someone who’s very special to me. But not just me, it’s to Lily and Arae. Her name is Hitomi Nakasone…She’s very special spirit…She’s essence from the very beginning, human and fae essence, she would be called faeman essence, but her spirit is not normal…there’s some high vibration, there’s a lot of very strong high vibration in there, it’s not angel, but angel is higher vibration, and it’s literally got, like, rainbows in it, it’s the coolest thing in the world, unicorn really love the heck out of her.

I’ve had so many lives with her, the Lilies have had so many lives with her…she’s had so many lives with source family, she literally is glowing with source energy, it’s part of her. She didn’t come from source, she didn’t come from Lily and Arae, okay, she’s older than that…she’s had trillions of lives…She’s so special, she’s such high vibration, all she wants to do is help, she’s got so much love and compassion inside her, that she’s very close with our family, especially the Lilies and myself…

When I looked at her to do a consult, she had so much source energy in there, I couldn’t believe it…and the source energy is intertwined with her, when I look at it I see the gold source energy inside her, but it’s like it’s braided, and attaches to her energy that she has inside…Dragon energy loves Hitomi, it’s really neat…

I’ve said that you have to be source to crank someone up. When she goes to crank you up, she doesn’t have animal essence in her, or plant essence. Those of you that are family are really strong, if you can, in your minds, imagine the frequencies of animal spirit, animal essence, and plant essence, and planetary essence, take them and put them up to someone and see if they blend right in or if they kind of like just bounce off, that’s the easiest way for you to look at it. Now, when it doesn’t blend into it, it’s because that isn’t part of what that person is.

But she’s incredible and she has so much source energy in her, she’s got a ton of power, and she does have human essence and fae essence, okay, so she’s got what you are inside. Now, she cannot take her energy and bond it to the physical body…because she’s not actually originally source spirit, she’s just really imbued with it, but, because of who she is, she’s gonna have the help she needs to do that, it’s going to be the field floating around, literally it’s part of me, I’m just gonna help her, so she can help people crank up.

I’ll be doing that softly with everyone, but as soon as she makes the intention I’m going to make sure it happens. So, Hitomi Nakasone, she will be able to crank people up. What little extra help she needs, she’s going to have. She’s so precious, so loving…” (Jay “Arae” Essex)


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