Consultation Testimonials

My Girlfriend and I had a consult with Frank And Aya on March 30th 2018. We were slightly nervous when we started but as soon as they started talking all nerves went away. They were so easy to talk to it was like speaking with old friends. It was incredibly fun and informative. We both felt as if we made a connection with Frank and Aya through love and friendship. It’s hard not to believe everything they say when they start telling you things about yourself that they shouldn’t know. They confirmed things we suspected and told us things about ourselves we had no idea about. They even saw things that they had never encountered before. Simply put they totally blew our minds. An hour or two was just not enough time, we could have talked all day long and never noticed the passage of time.

We couldn’t say enough good things about Frank and Aya. Their connection to the source field and their ability to see and read our energy is undeniable. They are a perfect team and you could not go wrong by having a consult with them. They are the real deal and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

With Love Garth and Ashley.

The answers provided by Aya and the group where very eye opening. I was able to learn some new things about myself and grow as a person. All the information given to me has given me confidence to move forward.

Nick Hawkins

Wow…. that was a huge one for me!
My first consult ever, i was sooo nervous at start but it went away instantly.
It felt like a conversation with friends, no presure no akward silence it was funny and it was eye opening
i trust myself better now! In gamerterms : it was a very big and important Savepoint. its like a new level from now on! πŸ˜€

Aya, Frank , Hitomi … i cant thank you enough! πŸ™‚

Tim (Germany)

I recently had a consult with Hitomi and Aya. They were so easy to talk to and addressed the important things without me even telling them much. I felt the effect of the energy work they did and still feel it. Am more relaxed and grounded. I recommend talking to these great people to anyone. Well worth the money, best thing you could do for yourself to grow and wake up more. (Consultations plus free energy work)

Samuel Sylvain

I wanted to express my most honest gratitude to both of you …

I value so much the time you gave me … It’s been a lot of help for me… It really is … You are awesome guys … Your acurracy is right on the target… You are really good at what you do…

My total respect for that… And not to mention your wonderful hearts …

I felt great the time we spend talking… This gave me more confidence and more fire to keep working on my abilities…

Mostly because I wan’t to help others too…

Also you remind me that I’m not alone…

I could keep making you questions and sharing things for hours xD !! Haha 😁☺️

But I’m really happy with all that we talked…

Keep going with it … You are lighting up more candles.. And thats a beautiful labor … In my opinion …

You rock ! πŸ™‚πŸ€˜
Thank you my friends!
My best wishes to both of you.. ✨🌳✨

Daniel (Venezuela)

Consult with Frank Zhu, Aya Pena and Hitomi Nakasone, on April 28th, 2018

When we started the consult, I was a little nervous and excited because I didn’t know what to expect. But Frank, Aya and Hitomi are such wonderful people, they made it so easy for me to feel warmly welcome and my nervousness vanished right away. Instead, I had the feeling of meeting dear old friends. I was so happy to talk with them.

Frank even managed to make me try astral projection which I hadn’t done ever before. I had always wanted to but never trusted and believed in myself enough to actually try it, since I was wrongly under the impression that I can’t β€˜see’ with my metaphysical eyes. But he proved to me that my way of “seeing” is different, it is β€˜knowing’ rather than seeing images; since I’m solar plexus orientated, I tend to just “know” things, not “see” them. He helped me to relax (which usually is very hard for me) and astralproject to a certain space. And it really worked! I accurately described what was happening.

I got so many insights about myself, not only from Frank, but also from Hitomi and Aya. I feel different now, more whole, more myself, as through the multidimensional work in this session, I got rid of one very limiting belief about my true potential, and this is a gift I truly cherish. I learned a great deal from this most wonderful team. Their loving, understanding, enlightening way of working is filled with true compassion and I’m deeply grateful for what I received.

I thank you all from my heart for your time, your help and your love! And thank you for making me trust in myself again! I know you will do some wonderful, incredible work in the future – helping and inspiring people.

You rock! (as Jay would say) πŸ™‚

Genia Gazda (Vienna)

Aya and Frank were both very humble, easy going and doing their best to answer all of my questions and to further my metaphysical knowledge and understanding. I was given some insightful hands-on experiences on my abilities and current energy related issues. From which all have been resolved or guided to the point of my own initiative and future prevention. Very helpful. Thanks !

Nikolai (Germany)

I recently had a consult with Hitomi and Aya. They were so easy to talk to. They new the important things that needed to be said without me even giving to much information. The energy work they did had a noticeable effect on me that helped me relax. Also found that im more connected to the otherside afterwards. If you really want to be more active in waking up more these consults are a great resource and well worth the money. They are also very encouraging and helped me learn to trust myself more. I look forward to the classes they will be doing.

Sam (New York)

Michael, California

“Meeting Frank & Aya wasn’t like meeting them at all; it felt like I already knew them, like family. I have had the crank-ups, DNA-ICUC, as well as experienced the Planetary Essence Removal. They are both further along than I am in the awakening process. We shared stories about the symptoms of the DNA-ICUC. It was really cool to hear that we have all shared these things. It helps to know that we are not isolated in what we experience.

Since they are further along then I am, they both validated a lot of what I have picked up form the other side, experiences as well as my animal and spirit guides, that I really didn’t quite understand yet. They also reaffirmed that I need to trust what I get. I purposely didn’t tell them what my spirit is when, but it was just oh so cool when I could see in their eyes that they knew and Aya asked me if I knew…when I confirmed, the heart energy just flowed.

They both are incredible at cleaning energy as well; I felt amazing afterwards and my abilities got stronger as well.

Frank and Aya are not only going to teach, help and lead, but they are really cool, humble and generous with their knowledge.”