Intensive Power-Up Testimonials

The process was very gentle.

One thing that I noticed very strong is that before the crank up my heart was beating very fast and strong… But as soon as Hitomi used her energy to calm me down … I felt very nice and relaxed. And my heart slowly calms down and left me with a nice feeling. That was amazing .. And very strong feeling. Her energy is amazing

I have almost like a month from the moment I received it. One thing I’ve been noticing is more clarity when I’m trying to look at something metaphysically. Also calmer and confident.

I’ve been noticing more development of my energy fields. Especially my heart. I’ve been noticing more calm to face the daily routine and obstacles. Strength.

Also, I’ve been noticing the increase in my energy flow… Flowing better through my body .. And nicely… Feel more natural to me .. That’s the feeling.

Boosting more my energy.

I’ve been seeing. More And more like sparkles of gold energy around me. With my physical vision too.

I see symbols And scenes when I’m looking at things with more clarity. And also my focus while I’m doing it got much better because I was struggling a little bit with it.

I’m really grateful for receiving this work from her. It’s an Honor.

I’m sure this progress Will continue more And more as the days go by.

And I’m always applying myself to practice and do my best to keep improving my self… And develop more my metabilities.

Thank you very much Hitomi.. From my heart.

(Daniel, Venezuela)

Last June of this year 2018

My two children received a Crank Up by Hitomi. My daughter is 7 years old. She was so excited during her Crank Up. She smiled and said she felt tingly in her head and spine. In the last three months, she has been seeing more and her self-esteem has gone up a lot.

My son is 18 years old and during his Crank Up by Hitomi, he could follow where the energy was flowing step by step. He felt the energy throughout his whole body and he saw all kinds of different colors. He describes it like a disco ball. Since the Crank Up, he has been noticing changes in his DNA. His dreams are livelier and he can relax more easily. He is so grateful that he had a Crank Up from Hitomi.

My Crank Up was a very pleasant experience. Hitomi calms you down with her daughter Aya. Hitomi’s energy is strong, but gentle and soft. I felt her energy going through me. I saw colors white and pink and a lot of eyes looking at me. Since the Crank Up, I’m much more relaxed and I can focus way better and my dreams are lovelier.

(Juressa, Holland)

My crank-up by Hitomi was done before I took the metability classes

During crank-up I could feel energy movement through my core and sometimes in my head, it was all very gentle, and I did not feel many other sensations

Right after I felt very calm and in the night I felt the places that were opened in my crown area quite strongly, it was a feeling of the tissue swelling or moving, it was exactly where Hitomi opened it up

Few afternoons after that I felt very tired, my eyes were very tired especially, a few times I felt dizzy

Up until today, which is almost 1.5 month later, I did not feel any nausea or pain, which I am very happy about 😃

My pineal vision has improved since then, my DNA has evolved, my overall mood is more stable and not so much all over the place, which is not only because of the crank-up itself, it is also thanks to the conversation with these wonderful people. I can see energy movements now which I could not really see before. And I am sure that there is so much more that will come up later as I become stronger little by little.

It also apparently started some work that is being done to some functions in my brain which was confirmed to me only recently, but explains so much – that is why it feels like there is much more activity

Thank you all so much


Getting the Crank up from Hitomi Nakasone was an overwhelming experience and it was so strong for me! First of all we were talking about alot of things. She told me about my low frequencies in my soul and about my DNA strands.Then she started to crank me up. I felt heat inside my body but not just inside but around me too. Her energy was cranking me up from stomach to heart and going to my head. It was just everywhere. Big part for me was when she went to my head.It felt like a Party going on in there!! That was great because it fixed some problem in my head and I’m not lying. I really feel now Like I’m starting to grow more and I just feel Awesome… Now after the crank up, I was trying to see things with my pineal and scanner and I had no problem when I was looking into one guy. I saw his past very clear. But Im getting worked on day by day. It’s just part of growing. Big part is don’t stop practicing your abilities everyday. I would recommend Hitomi for everybody who wanna grow metaphysicall. When she will crank you up, you will feel heat and see alot of pink energy from her heart that’s compassion.
Thank you so much Hitomi.
Much love – Matěj Prášek

Dostat Crank up od Hitomi je ohromující zážitek a bylo o pro mně hodně silný! Za prvé mluvily jsme o hodně věcech, Pověděla mi o nizkých frekvencích které mám v duši a o mých vláknech v DNA. Pak začala crank up, cítil jsem nejen teplo uvnitř v těle ale i okolo sebe,její energii jsem cítil jak se zvedá od břicha kde to začlo přecházet do srdce a od srdce do hlavy bylo to najednou uplně všude.Velká část přišla když mi začla pracovat na hlavě,Rozjela se tam doslova Párty!Bylo to skvělý protože mi napravila problém ktery jsem tam ještě měl a spojila scanner se šišinkou aby pracovali spolu. Nelžu, od té doby cítím že rostu ještě více metafyzicky a cítim se grandiozně…Ted pár dní po crank upu jsem se snažil podívat šišinkou a scannerem na znamého mojí kamarádky a v pohodě jsem viděl kdo je, jeho auru a viděl jsem jeho minulost.Pořád mi někdo pracuje v hlavě skoro každý den ale to patří k rustu.Hlavní je nepřestat cvičit schopnosti které má každý, jsou jako svaly když je necvičíte tak nefungují dobře. Hitomi mužu doporučit každému kdo chce rust metafyzicky a poznat skvělého člověka.Až Vám bude provádět crank up budete cítit teplo přímo u sebe z jejího srdce a mužete přitom vidět hodne ružové z její aury,to značí kolik ma v sobě soucitu.
¨Děkuji ti moc Hitomi.
S láskou – Matěj Prášek

Matěj (Czech Republic)

Consult and Crank Up with Hitomi Nakasone and Aya Pena on June 3, 2018. The initial contact with both of them was a very relaxing and calming experience. As if, I was meeting old friends that I haven’t seen in a very very long time. Their observations were on the mark.

I have been advised that I was Hitomi’s first official Crank Up. I’ve been sending and receiving energy work for about 16 years now. So, I was very comfortable and open to receiving her energy. Her interaction and energy is very loving and gentle and definitely hit the spot(s).

I look forward to many more interactions with Hitomi and Aya in the future of this lifetime. There is so much more to do! Much Love, Alan