Metability Class Testimonials

“First and foremost, let’s just go ahead and be completely honest here. If you’ve made it far enough through this amazingly educational, informative, and most importantly, HONEST website to get to the point that you’re reading testimonials, then what in the world are you waiting for?! Take the damn class already, you deserve it more than you’ll ever even realize, until you take the course! 😉

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let me talk to you about the amazing group of people who I had the absolute privilege of being in their presence during the metability course. As someone who is fairly familiar with the metaphysical, I gained more TRUE information and knowledge about not only myself but much much more during the 4 classes than I had in the previous 4 years! The comfort level from the very beginning was amazing as I felt like I knew them all already…and wouldn’t you know it, during the class we found out that we’d had lives together at some point. How cool is that?! The amount of time, attention, and love that they give and show you during the class is unbelievable and leads to one gaining more understanding and confidence in their own abilities which ultimately allows one to find out who they really and truly are as spirit. What greater gift could you possibly receive?!            Thank you Aya, Gavin and Hitomi for showing and teaching me how to put the keys in and drive my Ferrari!!! 😉 Much much LOVE! ✌🏼 ”

(Matt, U.S.)

“The Spiritual Foundation gave me the tools for my metaphysical development.  Metaphysical Awakening’s Metability Class showed me how to use these tools.  Hitomi, Aya and Gavin were absolutely brilliant in their teaching.  I now have a better understanding of each of my three main energy centers, how to begin to use them, and how to trust in them.  Taking this class, with Hitomi, Aya and Gavin, was such a huge milestone for both me and the development of my metabilities.  I am forever appreciative and grateful to each of you!”

(Michael Posello Jr., New York)

“Even though I was always a little nervous getting started in our weekly meetings on skype it quickly faded as I realized I was simply with family.
Aya, Frank, Hitomi and Gavin gave me so much help, great tips, insights, and helped greatly in my own self-trust.
Their encouragement and support was absolutely wonderful. We saw some amazing things and we laughed some too.
If you’re sitting on the fence about doing this especially the monthly class…Go for it! ”

(Paul, Wisconsin)

“I highly recommend this course or anything frank aya or Hitomi are doing. the course and the teachers really helped me to use and open up my abilities, some had been slightly used before but I was unaware I had been using them until learning more through the course, I really liked the astral projection part, where I was able to go into their house and picked many objects that were there without being there or seeing through camera. learning to use heart energy was great, I already was using it but now I know what I’m doing more and can work with it better and more frequently. it really helps that they can see metaphysically what is going on with you and your energy while doing the work, sometimes you will learn stuff you didn’t know and other times you will get confirmation and what you were not fully sure of which can help you trust yourself a bit more. The course and the teachers were really fun helpful. Recommended greatly for anyone looking to enhance their metaphysical abilities. Thank you so much for doing this for people, much love always”

(Stephanie Sedgwick xox 🙂 Australia)

“Since I began to awake, I felt the need to talk with Frank, Aya, and Hitomi.
I was so nervous to meet them, due to my language and anxiety.
Don’t know what happen, but when we talked, was like we were family for a long time.
I’m also grateful to Valentina and Johnny. It was nice meeting you guys.
For me, the pineal class was a boost of confidence and joy.
I have no words to describe the love and gratitude that I have for them.
I thank you so much for your help and guidance.
Very honored! See you around 😉

Best Regards”

(André, Portugal)

“The Pineal class with Aya, Frank and Hitomi was very uplifting to me. Aya and her mom explained what might be my problem and even gave me extra energy work on my cranium together with all the guys in this class. I am so thankful for that!

I happen to have a lot of going on in my house that I wasn’t aware of. Very interesting. Frank’s vision is incredibly precise.

My heart after the class felt more open, my upper crown felt clear, relieved and I was a bit like a drunk from all the energy. I was flying around instead of walking for couple days after. It’s very pleasant!”

(Valentina, California)

“3 weeks after my crank-up by Hitomi I joined the metability classes, all four Sundays. Things like pineal vision or astro-projecting were a big mystery to me, I guess I was waiting for some grande moment when I just decide that I am going to see with my pineal and all stars will align 😀

I was waiting for some mah=gical door to be opened and I will be able to see. Well no door was opened…. because it was already flung open! I was just not aware of it.

Right in the first class I received a confirmation that I did astroproject and voilá can really visit places in spirit, I personally did not see everything, but during the week after that, while doing my homework I could see silhouettes and backgrounds

The heart class helped me know myself so much better and I received detailed information on what my heart energy was doing and how I could use it in the future.

Approximately 3 weeks later the tissue of my veins for sure has chained because they do not hurt anymore, which only indicates the whole body tissue as a whole is indeed being changed to function better.

I highly recommend these classes, not only on areas where you are already working through but also on the ones you think you are not using so much.

Thank you so much, this was life-changing.”

(Lucia, Slovakia)

“Thank you Aya, Frank, and Hitomi! I thoroughly enjoyed the solar plexus / scanner class 💥
Being in a small group was useful because there was individualized participation as well as unique demonstration and perspective of this metability. They used clear guidance and concrete physical evidence (ie. photos) to help us develop our technique and comprehend our results. I felt encouraged and inspired to practice and dive deeper. I highly recommend this class! 💞”

(Faith, Virginia)

“For a long time I wanted to meet Frank and Aya. I got introduced to them by a video of Jay Essex where Frank and Aya got the DNA I.C.U.C. from that moment i wanted to train/play/learn with them. In Germany there is little understanding of the matter of metaphysics which gave me more drive to get schooled by Frank and Aya. Personally I’m grateful to have the chance to learn especially from three people who have experience like Frank, Aya and Hitomi. The class itself was really fruitful because I learned new/straiter/clearer ways of using my pineal and scanner. Which gave me a better understanding of myself.
To put it in a nutshell, Aya and Frank are lovely people you can learn something from.
Thank you Aya and Frank for the class!”

(Leon Radwe, Germany, Hamburg)

“I completed the Metability Classes with Aya, Hitomi and Frank during the month of July 2018. I enjoyed the structure of the classes, that made it easy for me to integrate my previous experiences into alignment with their classes. It was nice for me to be a student again, instead of me being the primary teacher.

I purchased all the required stones from Frank directly. Definitely got a great deal, stone wise and price wise.

I haven’t figured out how any of this new knowledge fits into my bigger picture, as of yet. But I do know, it will. I look forward to working with these guys again in the future.

Much Thanks and Love.”

(Alan, U.S.)

“These classes proved to be important to furthering the development of my abilities. I knew I was using my abilities and getting information, but I didn’t necessarily know how I was doing it and I couldn’t really control it or focus it; it would just happen at times when I would meditate or going about my day. Frank, Hitomi and Aya are great teachers (and friends with really cool energy). They helped me to start to develop my abilities by focusing on certain areas such as the pineal, scanner and heart energy as well as learning how to send and feel energy.

I was doing some of this on my own at times, but with their help which includes in-class and homework exercises, I was able to check my work by getting input, feedback and advice from all three of them as well as the other students in the class. It’s a kin to learning how to play a musical instrument. It was a fun, relaxed learning environment…and a great way to build a community.

I highly recommend studying with Frank, Hitomi and Aya; they know they are knowledgable, really cool and will help you take the next step whatever your level or goals may be.”

Thank you all so much! Hope to hear from you soon. I will definitely be in touch.

(Michael, California)

“I had the privilege of being one their first students. To be honest since it was the first class I wasn’t expecting it to be as planned out and structured as it was. It was like they had been doing for it sometime. I was very impressed by the organization and structure of the material. The one-on-one attention was excellent which was just what I needed. Before the class I didn’t think I was able to see anything at all with my pineal but after the first class they helped me realize that I was already seeing with it and proved to me that I was actually using it. This was a huge confidence boost. And my confidence continued to grow each ensuing class. To be honest when I first signed up I had a limited mindset that I wouldn’t be able to do all the exercises, especially the last ones, but they helped me break through my limited mindset. It felt very natural. I recommend this to anyone who wants to start using their abilities especially if you have any self-doubt. One of the best things I have ever done. Thank you guys so much.”

(Phillip, California)

In these classes, you’ll learn how to see with your pineal and scanner, sensing with your heart, and sending energy.
I have been trying to meditate, but never focused on particular energy centers to see and feel. The
best I did in the classes is when I tried to see with my pineal. I did see images of figures that I don’t
think would have come from my head…that was cool. Classes like this motivates you, and can confirm what you are recognising; giving you a more clear idea of what metaphysical abilities are.

(Yoshi, Japan)


I was in the second class. The classes were laidback and simple but very effective. I learned so much in the best way…by doing. The most beneficial thing about taking this class is you get validation of what your seeing from everybody. Its helps hone you in on whats just noise and whats the real thing. I consciously astral projected for the first time in the class, i would have not known what i was doing if not for all the help from everybody. Aya, Frank, and Hitomi can see what your doing with your energy and are able to guide you when you are trying to see with your pineal, heart, and scanner. The class gives room for questions and comments. I never felt like we were being rushed. It is not a consult but we dicussed alot of things having to do with what the goal of the class was. Most of all it was great connecting with everybody. Awakening is a lonely road, there are not many of us on this specific path and the class just served to make everything more real. This is happenning guys, ET’s are close to showing themselves! Metabilities are second nature to them but we still have to learn. This stuff is going to get more and more relevant. I highly recommend this class☺☺

(Sam, New York)