During our Metability courses and consultations, we’ve encountered many individuals who were heart oriented. One thing we can tell you is how amazing and strong the heart is. It produces the strongest effects by grabbing information from all the other fields. The heart is continuously communicating and picking up information. It’s always interacting with other energy fields and the people around us.

Perhaps you’ve walked into a room full of people and suddenly felt overwhelmed or uncomfortable. Or you may have walked past a person and suddenly felt deeply sad. That’s your heart at work, picking up emotions or information from others.  At times it can be too much and manifest into physical symptoms such as shaky hands, or you suddenly feel hot or for some even a panic attack. You may meet someone who you feel so comfortable and safe with even though you may not know them, but you know you can trust them.  Your heart feels calm and has a sense of security with that person. Your heart is always working.

Some people are drawn to energy work such as Reiki which makes sense because when you look into their energy a lot of them are heart oriented individuals. They are doing what comes naturally to them. They care and want to help others. It’s what makes them feel good and satisfied.  You may see auric expressions such as from dark forest green shade of color which is physical body healing all the way to a very light shade of green which is good for spiritual healing.

The heart not only displays the different tones of green, but other colors too such as red for love, yellow/orange for joy, pink for compassion, deep orange for passion, light blue for hope and so on. The heart is amazing! A person who is heart oriented may have primary colors such as red and orange and another may have light blue and green and so on. There are many possibilities when it comes to the heart.

The heart is the strongest in the sense that it has the greatest effects using all the other fields to help gather information. It works closely with the hypothalamus which is a meeting point for all the energy fields and takes the understanding from there. It’s also taking the information from the pineal and solar plexus and also from the base or root energy field to pick up the emotions.  So the heart is collecting all of this from each area and putting the information together.

Although it’s one of the strongest energy fields, unfortunately, it’s also the one that gets hurt the most. People who are heart oriented have suffered much in this life.  They can pick up on negative emotions or thoughts from people they’ve met throughout their lives that were targeted at them.  They’ve also picked up emotional pain from others.  Seeing the suffering of others makes them suffer.  Some may write them off as being oversensitive, but I hope understanding how the heart energy field works and how an individual who is heart oriented suffers in this life, will help you see where they are coming from.

I could go on and on about what the heart can do, but then it would be a really long text.  I urge you to try it out and find out for yourselves.  It’s quite amazing!

Good stones to have for the heart energy field are:

Red Aventurine – moves the red and yellow frequencies in the heart, gets it moving.

Green Aventurine – softens the heart energy and helps you flow out, good for spiritual healing.

Rhodonite – strengthens the heart by pulling the frequencies together.  Good to hold onto during rough emotional times.

Danburite – Due to its high vibration it runs that frequency throughout your heart and body.  It’s very lifting.

Green Chalcedony – good for physical and spiritual healing.

There are many more stones that can help the heart, we’re just listing a few on this page.  To have a look at the list of stones and their metaphysical benefits, feel free to gaze through our Stone page.


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