Being ‘Gifted ’ may imply that a person received special abilities that allow them to foretell the future, see Spirits, or commune with the dead. Labels like ‘Psychic ’ or ‘Medium ’ give us the idea that only a few individuals were ‘Gifted ’ with the abilities that go along with them. However, we have discovered that we can all have access to abilities that are beyond the physical. These abilities are Metaphysical. It’s naturally in all of us.


Why are these abilities important in our lives?

Who am I?  Why am I here?  Is there a god?  Why do I feel lost and unfulfilled?  Is there more to life than this?  Why is there so much suffering and abuse?  What’s on the other side?  What happens when our loved ones pass away?  Did I really see a ghost?  Do ETs exist?  Do I have past lives?

Those are just a few examples that many have asked for centuries.  How would you like to find out for yourself using your abilities?  By finding the answers for yourself, you’ll have your own truth.  Even working with others gives you further confidence in what you’re seeing, feeling and understanding because they will see what you see.

“Understanding is the absorption of Knowledge. It is Wisdom.”    

Jay Arae Essex


How would you like to learn how to use your metaphysical abilities to:

  • see aura colors
  • astral project
  • remote view
  • read feelings and emotions through heart energy
  • understand why things are the way they are
  • have a better understanding of the people around you
  • feel and see Stone Energy
  • connect with Gaia, Animals, Plants, etc
  • connect with our friends and family in space

And most importantly, to find out who you truly are.

There’s no greater time to be awake than now. We have been experiencing great changes in Creation and we’re moving towards a new paradigm that is based on compassion, justice, and honor; one that allows us more freedom to be who we really are. We can use our abilities to help those around us.


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