The solar plexus is the strongest individual energy field of understanding alone. What I mean by alone, is that it can work powerfully by itself.

How strong is your intuition? Do you sometimes receive a strong message about a person or a place and not know where it came from? Does it come to you quickly and you’re like, where did that just come from?? That’s your solar plexus at work. A mother’s intuition is one of the strongest there is and that has been generally accepted in society because it’s been proven many times down through the centuries that it’s real.

We put the solar plexus and scanner together because they do work together.  The scanner is a viewing tool for the solar plexus.  The solar plexus activates the scanner and gives us HD images.  The pituitary energy field has a part in this because it creates the high definition.  So imagine that I get a gut feeling about something and I want to look into it for more information about it.  I take the time to relax and then fire up my scanner to get the image of the information I got.  It’s really cool! If my scanner is not working well for whatever reason, my solar plexus is helping me fill in the blanks.

The solar plexus is located below the heart but above the navel. A lot of it is within the core that runs up and down through your body from your base or root energy field to your hypothalamus. Because 7/8ths of it is within the core, those who are solar plexus oriented may have difficulties feeling energy from stones for example. They sense that there is energy there because their gut tells them so but they may not feel it.

As a good friend gave a perfect example, it’s like being under a waterfall and someone shooting a water gun at you. You won’t feel much. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With practice and time, you can train yourself to feel energy.

The scanner energy field is right above the pineal field and actually touches the pineal field.  The pineal sees multi-dimensionally while the scanner mostly focuses on this dimension, (the third dimension – the ‘physical’ dimension we inhabit when in body) – however, it can somewhat see one dimension above and below.  It just appears a bit fuzzy. Remote viewing is produced here and it’s mistakenly believed to be produced by the pineal field, however from our experience we see that this is not true.  The images displayed by the pineal are quite different from the images displayed by the scanner.  Another thing is that when we make the intentions to use the scanner versus the pineal, it’s fired up in a different location and we also have a very different sensation.  We show and explain this in our Solar Plexus and Scanner Metability Class.

One additional thing about remote viewing is simply just that, you’re remote viewing.  You’re not flowing to your destination like astral projecting; you’re viewing your destination remotely.  So when someone fires up their scanner, what looks like a screen appears above where the pineal energy appears and they are looking at the images from where they’re sitting.  It’s really cool to watch. They’ll see people walking or talking and maybe furniture or if they’re outside, they’ll see trees and plants and so forth.  However, the scanner isn’t seeing energy or movement of energy.  The pineal does that. So when you have both working together, you’ll see quite a lot.

Good stones to have for the solar plexus are:

Yellow Aventurine- activates and enhances the solar plexus and creates a stronger energy flow.

Optical Calcite- assists in giving better definition to the images.

Selenite- helps move energy through your core which is activating your other energy fields too.

Citrine- good for cleaning and helps you focus on what you’re seeing.

Quartz- gives clarity to what you’re seeing.

There are many more stones that can help the Solar Plexus and Scanner, we’re just listing a few on this page.  To have a look at the list of stones and their metaphysical benefits, feel free to gaze through our Stone page.


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