is proud to present a small gallery of paintings by Prague-based artist Matěj Prášek.

Matěj’s bio:

“I was born in the north of Czech Republic, in a city called Teplice. I moved around Czech a lot, but now I’ve been living in Prague for six years. I studied at an art school in Prague, but I quit and said to myself I’m gonna be an artist on my own.

I was into metaphysical things from a young age. When I was seven or eight years old I started thinking about what is gonna happen to me when I and everybody else die. I felt that I was forced to be in body. When I found Jay on YouTube, his information really resonated with me. That was how I found about my solar plexus power. He had answers and I just felt like YES. I remember how I felt when I was young and I don’t feel the same way now. I feel happy now.

I love to mix my art with metaphysical abilities and Ets were always on my mind. I started doing portraits just going by how I felt 4 years ago and from that point on I’ve never stopped. Now, I can see them more and feel their presence in my room too. So the only thing I need is music and get in tune with myself, then I just paint.

I try to paint what I saw from memory or I just sit and in seconds I know how to move my brush because I feel it in my hand.”

To see a larger image, click on an image below:

Da Silva



Blue & Finn



Heiwa (Peace)

Soai (Love)

Miyuki (Happiness and Beauty)

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