Fuchsite / Fucsita

The mica you typically see on raw Fuchsite gives the stone that shimmery look. But don’t let that fool you. Mica is also known for its metaphysical properties too. It’s not just there for looks.

As you hold onto a piece of Fuchsite you might not notice the weight in comparison to other similar looking stones such as Green Aventurine. Fuchsite tends to weigh less in comparison.

Why is that? Well, mainly because of its unique composition. You see, Fuchsite consists mainly of talc. Talc or talcum is light and typically powdery, however, in Fuchsite it’s held in solid form due to condensation that takes place over the years until it’s dried out of water in a sense. What you see is the hardened form of talc combined with other material compositions.

So what are its metaphysical properties? Well, let’s start with mica which is what you typically see on the outer surface of a raw Fuchsite.

Mica has slick tendencies. What I mean by that is that mica’s frequencies are that of Tourmaline in a way because they help slide off negative frequencies that may come your way. Its frequencies are quite slick and can keep anything from hanging onto your energy frequencies depending on the amount that’s covering its surface.

Now let’s move onto other properties such as what you’ll feel from the concentration of talc. Physically, talc gives off colorless and odorless types of frequencies. So what it can it assist you with metaphysically?

Well, this is where it gets interesting. Talc has a way of helping your frequencies regain composure when you feel broken down about something or feel out of sorts. You see, the frequencies from talc go in to work on your frequencies by loosening up any frequencies within you that gets bundled up due to stress, an emotional outcry, or any stress-inducing sort of situations. Talc’s frequencies in essence slides your frequencies back into place so that you may regain composure.

Fuchsite attracts many different individuals due to the colors they display. It’s has a happy assortment of colors in a way. They typically remind you of something whether that’s some kind of candy to chew on or a tender image of a toy. You see, Fuchsite has a way of reminding us of something tender or affectionate. It just does.

So if you decide to buy Fuchsite, try to hold onto it in the palm of your hand or with your fingertips which are like straws quickly sucking up that energy through the lengths of your arms and see how you feel about it. It’s quite interesting to watch and feel what kind of effect it has on your heart because it’s quite a tender and affectionate feeling in a way. It’s a nice feeling.

Hold onto it for a little while and see how you feel afterwards. Do you feel any differently from before? Do you feel a sense of calmness? Or do you feel some kind of an affectionate type of feeling in the heart?

It can certainly make one more soft-hearted in the sense that if one has to deal with hard and difficult situations quite often in their life, it’s nice to take a break and allow the heart to take in the frequencies from the stone in order to soften the heart a little. Creating an environment where your heart is often hard or tense can be exhausting and tough not only on your mental health, but your physical health as well. If that’s the case, I encourage you to take the stone and hold onto it for a few minutes. That’s all that’s needed to make some changes there.

Well enjoy and have a nice heart to heart session.

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